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We all have secrets…secrets that we pinky swear we won’t share, secrets we never share all.   But what about trade secrets?  Those aren’t just any old secret.  They are secrets with actual monetary worth.

If you’ve never heard of a trade secret, it is something you own and can sell or license as long as it is kept secret.  Once it is shared with the public, the trade secret loses all of its value.   The Independent Fashion Blogger Community is a fantastic resource for us bloggers to share and borrow inspiration and advice, but that openness goes against everything I’ve learned in law school.

secretI find myself torn between embracing the online opensource culture and vehemently protecting my new online business venture.  By sharing my trade secrets, they aren’t secret anymore and lose any value they once held.  And what sort of business strategy is that?!  Yet without the openness of the IFB community, my blog would not have grown to where it is now and I truly appreciate all that I have learned so far.

This dichotomy is causing a sense of confusion and guilt that I don’t know how to resolve. I’m asking you, fashion bloggers, how do you deal with this?  How do you participate in the IFB community without giving too much or taking too much?


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